Duma Corporate Services B.V. provides the following services:

  • directorship and management services;
  • domiciliation services;
  • accounting and tax services; and
  • secretarial and legal services.

Within the Duma team we have specialized lawyers, tax advisors and accountants who can be of assistance when dealing with the abovementioned services. The following are examples of the types of support we can offer:

  • company incorporation and registration;
  • statutory compliance;
  • administration, management reporting and/or annual accounts;
  • tax compliance;
  • assisting with HR-related matters, including payroll calculations; and
  • dissolution of companies.

We will work close together with your in-house team and your external advisors. We can also reach out to our vast network of specialized lawyers, tax advisors, civil-law-notaries and other consultants should their assistance be required.